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Case Management for Substance Misuse

PalBase Cloud

Giving you a unified view of your clients to more effectively manage all aspects of their care.

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PalBase is a complete case management solution for people referred to care for substance misuse, developed with the help of drug intervention programme agencies in England and Wales.

Providing real value

Risk identification and management icon

Risk identification & management 

With end-to-end client tracking through treatment to follow-up

Behaviour analysis icon

Behaviour analysis

Through continuity in the tracking and monitoring of each client

Comprehensive reporting icon

Comprehensive reporting

Collate data into clear 
reports for ease of analysis

Multi-agency approach icon

Multi-agency approach

Records are shared between 
agencies to promote positive 
outcomes for clients

Compliant technology icon

Compliant technology

Expert facilities that comply
with community minimum
datasets and all DIR requirements

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